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There's More to Low-E Storm Windows Than Just Savings

by Katie
| Oct 31, 2018


A modern Low-E storm window uses high performance weather stripping to create a tight seal and a layer of insulating airspace between itself and your existing window. They can be installed to either the interior or exterior of your primary window. Low-E storm windows also come with a transparent low-emissivity (low-E) coating that acts as a heat mirror, which keeps the heat outside in the summertime and inside in the wintertime.

Benefits of Low-E Storm Windows

Save on Heating and Cooling Bills

Installing Low-E storm windows is one of the most cost effective solutions recommended by the Department of Energy with a potential savings (as a percentage of utility bills) of 12% to 33%* annually on heating and cooling bills.

Less Expensive than Window Replacement

Low-E storm windows are a smart investment. Studies have shown that you can achieve similar energy-saving performance to ENERGY STAR® certified replacement windows for as low as 25% of the cost.

Improve Home Comfort

Air leakage accounts for 25-40% of the energy used for home heating and cooling.  Low-E storm windows add an energy-saving layer to reduce drafts, keep out unwanted elements and ensure your home is more comfortable.

Keep Out Unwanted Noise

Low-E storm windows improve interior comfort by reducing exterior noise, so you can enjoy a quiet, comfortable home. The dead air space created when you add a Low-E storm window over your existing window traps the noise of traffic, lawn mowers or loud neighbors, reducing noise by up to 50%.

Sleek & Modern Design

The durable, high-quality finish and low profile design gives them virtually the same visual appearance as new replacement windows. Whether you have single/double hung windows, sliders or fixed panels, Low-E storm windows will mimic your existing window in both look and function.

Versatile and Durable

Low-E storm windows can be installed once and left up year-round. Products are available to match the operation of many types of primary windows, even large picture windows. In addition, each window comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

A Window for Every Need

Choose either interior or exterior storm windows to achieve your goals. With dimensions to fit any window and the option to tailor fit custom windows, there’s a window for every homeowner’s needs.

Compare Interior/Exterior Low-E Storm Windows [PDF]

Easy to Install

Many people install Low-E storm windows without help from contractors, which provides home-owners with even more cost-effective solutions.

Exterior Window Installation Guide [PDF]


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