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Install Your Scenix Porch Windows!

by Katie
| Oct 18, 2017


Your dream porch is about to become a reality.

You've measured and placed your order. Now your Scenix windows have arrived, it is time to install. 

After removing the packaging, check to see if everything is in working operation. If so, simply place your Scenix porch window in place. It’ll be important to ensure the window is flush with your framework or allow a slight sill slope for proper drainage.



Now, you can start shimmying. Simply place shims along the jambs and under the corners of the sill, centering the window horizontally and vertically. Shimmy to the left and then shimmy to the right.




Install a few screws into the pre-punched holes and you’ve made it to the home stretch! Simply seal up any gaps – inside and outside - with backer rod and sealant and waa-laa . . . you’re done!



Congratulations on building your dream porch. Now that you’ve built it, they will come!

Invite your friends to the porch and celebrate.