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7 Reasons You Need a Retractable Screen Door

by Katie
| Feb 28, 2020


Warmer months means outdoor activities, lawn care, home improvement projects and fresh air!

Retractable screens are the perfect solution for homeowners looking to maximize the benefits that warm, fresh air brings to our daily lives.

1. Convenience 

Trying to open and close a screen door as you're going about your daily life is annoying at best, and extremely inconvenient and difficult at it’s worst. How many times have you had your hands full and you struggle to get your door to open without setting everything down first? Your troubles are over once you install a retractable screen door. With the Brisa Retractable Screen Door, one touch of a button and the screen automatically retracts into a housing unit, completely out of your way allowing you to pass without trouble. 

2. Child and Pet Friendly

Do you have children or animals that constantly lean on or run into your screen doors? It’s damaging to the screen and the frame, bending it out of alignment. Holes start appearing, the screen loses slack, and eventually it doesn’t work like it use to.

The screen in a Brisa Retractable Screen is not glued into place on the tracks. That means it has the give to break away from the housing track preventing damage to the screen. If a child or a pet accidentally leans into the screen, you’re not going to get the wear and tear that you would normally see from a traditional screen door.

Also, the Brisa Screen has two horizontal stripes on the screen to makeit more visible in the sunlight. That way you know if the screen is there or if it’s currently retracted. Children and pets will be able to see the screen more clearly and have less incidents of running into the screen door.

3. It Retracts

Have you ever had problems with your sliding door screen not working? Over time, the screen frame becomes bent or constantly misaligned causing major issues trying to actually open and close the screen.

That’s another huge benefit of Brisa screens. There is no sliding it back and forth anymore. Instead, it just retracts on it’s own, completely out of your way. The housing unit automatically pulls the screen out of your way and holds the screen inside itself until you are ready to extend it again. No more hassle with a non-functioning screen door.

4. Fresh Air

Replacing an existing screen with a retractable screen has it’s advantages. But the Brisa Retractable Screen Door can also be added to entryways that don’t have a screen door today. That means you can open MORE doors to fresh air to enjoy the warmer months. 

5. Energy Efficiency

Letting natural air flow throughout your home saves you from running the heat or the air conditioning. You’re going to love the fresh air and all the savings!

6. Easy Installation

Brisa Retractable Screens install in less than 30 minutes. Snap a few components together, line it up on your entryway, and screw into place. The simplicity is incredible and makes the installation easy regardless of your DIY experience.

7. Fits Any Door

Regardless of what style door you have, you can enjoy all the benefits of a retractable screen. Brisa
Screens are designed to fit a majority of standard entry doors.
  • Single swing doors
  • Double swing doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • 6′ 8″ doors
  • 8′ 0″ doors
Shop Brisa Retractable Screen Doors today to start taking advantage of all the benefits of retractable screens.

Order yours today! 

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