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5 Benefits of Fresh Air

by Katie
| May 14, 2021

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There's nothing quite like a breath of fresh air! There are many reasons to let fresh air into your home, but let's focus on five key benefits.

Out with the Old

There's nothing quite like the feel and smell of stale air in your home. Chase stale air out and invite fresh air in. Your home and body will thank you for it! 

Fresh Air Energizes

You need fresh air on a regular basis to feel good! There is no fresh air cure, but taking in deep breaths of fresh air settles the nervous system and helps with peace of mind. 

It Can Benefit Your Health

Fresh air has shown to improve blood pressure and heart rate while also promoting a stronger immune system. In fact, the University of Pittsburgh found that natural light and fresh air had a positive influence on patients in post-surgical recovery. Patients experienced less pain, therefore needing less medication to treat pain, and had improved outcomes overall. While an open door letting in fresh air isn’t the same as being outdoors, having access to fresh air still has a positive impact.

Save on Utility Bills

Opening windows and doors in your home during key months can drastically impact your heating/cooling costs. On average, heating and cooling costs comprise 46 percent of a homeowner's utility bill per month. By opening your home to fresh air, you can see cost savings immediately. Just make sure you have a good screen installed to keep the bugs out!

Removes Dust

Dust mites live in our beds, couches, linens and clothes. Opening up your home to fresh air can help remove dust mites. Plus, sunshine has been shown to kill dust mites and act as a natural bleacher over time for household items like blankets and fabric-covered furniture. 

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