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Four Types of Storm Doors for Your Dog

| Mar 22, 2024

Storm doors and screen doors are essential additions to any home, providing protection against the elements while allowing for natural airflow and ventilation. However, for homeowners with furry companions, the need for convenient access for their dogs or cats becomes a priority. Larson storm doors and screen doors are perfect for pet owners looking to maintain security while granting their four-legged friends access to the outdoors. Keep reading to learn more about why dogs and storm doors are a perfect combination.

Types of Storm Doors for Dogs

As pet lovers, we've come to find that there are four types of storm doors that dogs, cats and their owners can benefit from.

  1. E_149FV_Wh_QFAGB_dog-1Fullview Doors:
    These storm doors allow maximum daylight to cascade into your home while still providing a durable barrier against the elements. Dogs and cats love laying in the sunshine that the full glass design lets in, and the view allows them to keep watch at all times, no matter the season.

  2. 146FV_Wh_BN_002Screen Away® Doors:
    A fullview Screen Away® storm door is loved by pets and their owners alike. The glass design lets in the sunshine so you can enjoy the natural light while your furry friend basks in the sun. Because the Screen Away® system is designed to pull down for top-half ventilation, it is pet-friendly for homes that often have dogs who jump on screens.

  3. 37079_Wh_Dog_003-1Built-in Pet Door:
    For dog owners who want ultimate convenience, storm doors with dog doors are the perfect solution. These storm doors have built-in pet doors that provide easy access for your furry friend to go in and out as they please. The traditional highview model gives the bottom of the door enhanced durability and is a great choice if your dog barks at everything in sight. This doggie door includes a slide-in security panel to keep unwanted critters out when the dog flap isn't in use.

  4. 36079_Wh_Interior_Flash_001-2Pet View Door:
    This storm door with a dog door is by far a pet favorite. It features a fullview design with a built-in pet door, allowing your dog to see outside and let themselves out, providing them with the ultimate luxury. This door is truly your dog's best friend.


Advantages of Storm Doors with Dog Doors

There are several advantages to investing in storm doors with dog doors for both homeowners and their furry companions. Not only does a storm door provide an extra layer of protection against the elements such as wind, rain and snow, but it also helps to enhance energy efficiency by minimizing drafts and air leakage. In the models with screens, both pet parents and their animals benefit from added natural light and fresh air.

The convenience of a screen door with a doggie door allows pets to come and go freely, providing them with greater independence and reducing the need for constant supervision. This is particularly helpful for busy homeowners who may not always have the time to let their dogs outside for bathroom breaks.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Storm Door with a Dog Door

When considering the purchase of a storm door with a dog door, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, choose a dog door that is the right size for your pet. Second, consider the durability and security features of the storm door. Lastly, think about the specific needs and behavior of your dog. For example, if your dog is prone to scratching or chewing, you may want to look for a storm door with sturdy materials.

Storm doors with dog doors offer a convenient solution for homeowners with pets, providing easy access for them to go in and out as they please. To find the perfect storm door with a dog door, use the "Find Your Storm Door" tool on our website.

Note: Screen products and pet flap not intended for child use or to keep children or pets inside.

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