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Larson Storm Doors: More Than Manufacturing

by Katie
| Dec 30, 2016


When you walk in through your storm door, you may think it’s just a simple door---but the complexity in design and engineering is what makes Larson Storm Doors unique.
A tour through Larson Manufacturing will prove that these simple storm doors have a advanced engineering, innovation, and design built into each storm door.

New and emerging technologies are changing the way the face of manufacturing and turning it into a sophisticated technical driven environment—and Larson Manufacturing is on board.
“We utilize the latest technologies to synchronize everything from product development, design, and manufacturing to ensure fit, function and, most importantly, an exceptional experience for our customers,” said Mike Kondratuk, Director of Engineering.

From the large robot arm that moves and cuts materials to the wall of patents, Larson Manufacturing has the clout to prove that they are so much more than manufacturing.

Larson has continued to automate where it makes sense in our manufacturing process. The technology field is constantly changing for the better and if we are going to keep pace we need to consistently review our processes and equipment to remain #1 in the storm door industry,” Brookings Plant Manager Ryan Johnson said.

Larson’s wall of over 20 patented designs and innovations combined with access to new technologies mean big things for the company.

“Larson prides itself on being the innovators in our industry. Our customers look to us for the next new idea. Our ideas originate to meet a customer's needs,” Engineering Manager Allen Lee said. Door_Production_2employees.jpg

This change means new tools to build smarter, leaner factories and options to explore new innovations and techniques that weren't possible before. A tooling machine on the factory floor at Larson builds new tools for new products, giving them options to build prototypes in-house with all of the tools they need.

“The development process begins with several concept designs that are created by the engineering department utilizing 3D modeling software. These parts can now be produced in a few hours, that used to take days or weeks a few years ago. The prototype is subjected to a rigorous test protocol. Once all of the design specifications are met, it is then tooled for production.” Lee said.

From their start over 60 years ago to their now highly technical machining, Larson manufacturing is proof that there is so much more to manufacturing.

Yet as high tech as the machining and robots on the manufacturing floor may seem, all of Larson Storm Doors still have a human touch.

Larson Manufacturing employs the best of the best,” Johnson said. “Our employees are dedicated to make the best products for our customers and are open to continuous improvement to meet our customers’ needs. Each door that is built has the Larson touch and our employees take great pride in offering the best product on the market.”


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