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Simple Solutions To Fix A Squeaky Storm Door

by Katie
| Apr 26, 2017

Simple Solutions To Fix A Squeaky Door.jpgWhether your door is brand new or a bit on the older side, squeaky doors happen. But there are super simple solutions to get rid of that squeak or creak. Check out our 3 simple solutions below.

1. If your storm door is new, the hinges could be tight.Simple Solutions To Fix A Squeaky Door--hinge rail.jpg
 The hinges will loosen up the more you use the door, but in the meantime try some silicone spray or 3-in-1 oil to lubricate the hinges.

2. Some squeaking indicates that the inside hinge rail screws might be too tight, causing the noise. Simply loosen these a ¼ turn at a time to relax the tension.

3. As your home settles, the door opening can become out of square causing issues with your door. You will need to adjust the door opening square and plumb so the storm door can perform as designed. 

Storm door troubleshooting for a squeaky door is really that simple. Visit our Larson Storm Door FAQ to get all of your questions answered.


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