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The 3 Appliances You Should Monitor To Lower Your Energy Bill

by Katie
| Mar 17, 2017

The 3 Appliances You Should Monitor To Lower Your Energy Bill | washer.jpg

Lowering your energy bill doesn't mean you'll have to sit in the dark. Monitoring these three appliances and taking a look at how you use them can help you save.

Make the Most of Your Laundry

Upgrading to high-efficiency appliances isn’t the only way to lower your energy bill. Making the most of every load of laundry can help save. That means washing full loads and not ½ loads. It’s best to do a full load that isn’t overly full because of the dryer’s capabilities. If you stuff the dryer too full, your clothes won’t dry efficiently and you’ll have to extend the drying time. While it’s most cost effective to dry clothes on the line, that isn’t always possible. Try to only fill your dryer 75% full to ensure there’s enough room for air flow.

The 3 Appliances You Should Monitor To Lower Your Energy Bill | Fridge.jpeg

Keep Your Fridge & Freezer Full

We know mom always would tell you to close the fridge, but actually having a stocked fridge and freezer is what can cut down on energy costs. The food acts as added insulation and lowers the amount of time your fridge or freezer have to run to stay at the set temperature.

Dishes Without Drying

Similar to your laundry, make sure the dishwasher is full. Most important for energy efficiency is cutting down on the heat. While heat is required to ensure your dishes are clean, cutting out the drying setting in your dishwasher can save you in the long run. The heat in your dishwasher’s drying setting helps cut back on water spots, but specialized rinsing agents can do the same thing at a lower cost.

Watching these appliances and making these few tweaks can drive your energy costs down.

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