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Do’s & Don’ts of Buying a Storm Door With A Pet Door

by Katie
| Jan 27, 2017

Storm Door with Doggie Door | Measure Your Pets Shoulders

Installing a storm door is a great home improvement project to help make your life and your pet's a bit easier. Be sure you're prepared with everything you need to ensure you find the right pet storm door to best work for you.

Read on to find the Do's and Don'ts of purchasing a storm door with a pet door.

Do: Measure Your Pet

Don’t forget to measure your pet. While pet doors often have a weight accommodation included on the package, it doesn’t account for all types of pets. Some breeds are known to have wider shoulders that may make using the dog door tricky, despite having met the weight limit. Measure your pet’s height and width to ensure a proper fit of your storm door with a pet door.


Don’t: Add a Pet Door after Purchase

Many people buy a storm door and add a pet door to it after the fact. We strongly advise against this as it voids your warranty in many cases. Investing in a storm door with a doggie door will save you the hassle of cutting your door and installing a dog door, and will also ensure your warranty.

Storm Door with Pet Door | Know Pet's Likes

Do: Know Your Pet’s Likes

Understand your pet’s likes and triggers. While this may seem silly, it is very helpful when selecting a door. If your dog barks at every person who walks by, a full glass pet door might not be the best fit. You may prefer a standard storm door with built-in pet door that prevents your dog from seeing every single squirrel that goes into your yard.  Yet, if you find your dog loving life basking in the sun, a full glass door with a pet door would be a great fit for your home. The full glass screen door features a doggie door that lets your pet enjoy the view and the functionality of a pet door. 


Don’t:  Assume Your Pet Will Know How To Use it

Having the ability to go in and out on their own isn’t something your pet is used to. While some pets pick up using the storm door with a doggie door quickly, it may take your pet some time and training to learn how to use it. Positive reinforcement is a great way to train reluctant pets on how to use the door. As with all training, patience is the key.

Buying Screen Door with Pet Door | Account For Pet's Age

Do: Account for Your Pet’s Age

Remember to account for your pet’s age. While the standard size pet door might work for your dog today, be sure to do breed research to understand the potential size as your dog gets older. Some pets remain the same size, while other breeds are known to hit growth spurts with potential large and tall sizes. Fully understanding the size of your pet’s breed will help you make the best choice when selecting the pet door.



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