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What To Do If Your Storm Door Is Leaking

by Katie
| Mar 15, 2017

What To Do If Your Storm Door Is Leaking | Rain.jpeg

Finding yourself concerned because your storm door is leaking? Don’t be. In many cases this is normal, but we’ll take you through a little troubleshooting to get your door back in action.

  • If water is coming in around the window opening, the drainage holes (also known as weep holes) may be blocked. Inspect and clean the drainage holes, which are located on the outside of door just below the window area.
  • If your door has a full screen and both glass panels move up and down, the narrower of the two glass panels should be at the top and the wider one at the bottom.
  • You’ll gain top performance with the top glass panel in the outside track, overlapping the bottom glass panel in the inside track. Reverse the panels if needed.
  • In multi-vent® doors, keep the screen installed for the tightest seal.
  • Caulking behind the top drip cap and the mounting rails can prevent water or air from leaking around the edges of the door.
  • You may find water in the bottom expander after a rain. This occurrence is normal, and the water will naturally drain to the outside when you open the door.
  • You may see water on the inside of your door that is not a result of leaking. The likely culprit in that case is condensation. For more information on condensation, check out this handy fact sheet.

Follow this six-point checklist to get your door performing its best.

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