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10 Reasons Why People Love Larson Storm Doors

| Jul 17, 2024


When it comes to enhancing the comfort, security and style of their homes, more and more homeowners are turning to Larson for their storm door needs. It's no wonder why: Larson storm doors are synonymous with quality, durability and innovative design. Here are ten reasons why Larson storm doors are the preferred choice for homeowners everywhere.1

  1. Provide an added layer of protection.
    Larson storm doors help defend against harsh weather and seal out elements like air, water and insects. Additionally, these doors offer enhanced security with many models featuring a built-in deadbolt lock. Some even include a multi-point lock that secures the door in three places, ensuring your home remains safe and secure.
  1. Improve energy efficiency.
    Adding a Larson storm door with Low-E glass not only helps regulate temperatures throughout the seasons, but also helps to reduce energy costs, making it a smart investment for homeowners concerned about efficiency. These insulated storm doors also prevent drafts with their durable construction and tight weatherstripping.
  1. Invite in fresh air.
    Choose from full screen, interchangeable glass/screen or retractable screen storm door models to feel the breeze and enjoy the health benefits of fresh air.Home_S2223-FF_ArcticIce_Gdl_Wkd_Cottage_459PlatIFG-WhtLn_QFS-MtBlk
  1. Welcome in warm, natural light.
    Storm doors welcome in warm, natural light, enhancing the ambiance of your home while providing an extra layer of protection.
  1. Enhance your visibility.
    Along with welcoming in light, storm doors provide clear visibility of the outside, allowing you to safely see and communicate with visitors at your front door without fully opening it. This feature also lets you keep an eye on your kids or pets playing outside, ensuring their safety while enjoying the sunlight.
  1. Upgrade your entryway.
    Choose from a diverse range of Larson storm door designs tailored to fit your lifestyle: clear, Low-E , or security glass, pet-friendly access, triple weatherstrip and much more. Express your personal style with a variety of door colors and handleset styles and personalize your door with creative touches — such as welcoming messages, wreaths, children’s artwork and more.
  1. Improve your pet’s quality of life.
    Storm doors with pet doors, like the Larson Pet View Storm Door, offer a convenient solution for homeowners with furry friends, providing easy access for them to go in and out as they please.
  1. Preserve your entry door.
    A storm door helps protect your primary entry door from weathering, keeping it looking great and welcoming for years to come, while also shielding any decorations, like wreaths or seasonal accents, from the elements.
  1. Provide convenience.
    Storm doors offer many conveniences that enhance daily life at home. Features like interchangeable screens and glass panels cater to changing weather conditions, allowing for ventilation control and natural light optimization. Additionally, the hold-open closer found on some Larson storm doors proves invaluable in practical scenarios. This mechanism acts as a dependable assistant, holding the door open securely while you carry groceries or move furniture, preventing any unexpected closures that could disrupt your tasks.Home_370-84_White_S120_GoldenWheat-1_Menards
  1. A DIY project you can actually do yourself.
    Install your storm door confidently with our user-friendly instructions, step-by-step videos and clearly labeled components, all meticulously tested by Larson installation experts. Live customer support is readily available for any questions you may have. For additional assistance, including tool usage, measurement techniques and more, explore the informative videos on our YouTube channel. If you ever need post-installation help such as troubleshooting, cleaning advice or ordering replacement parts and warranty support, our Larson customer support team is just a click away. Visit Larson’s support page to learn more and get the answers you need.

From their durability and energy efficiency to the convenience of innovative features like hold-open closers, Larson storm doors not only enhance security and comfort but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of any home. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Larson continues to be a trusted choice for homeowners seeking reliability and style in storm door solutions. Ready to enhance your home with the perfect storm door? Explore our full lineup of doors and find the one that frames your lifestyle best.

1Based on U.S. market data 2023.
Note: Screen products and pet flap not intended for child use or to keep children or pets inside.

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