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How To Measure For Storm Windows

by Katie
| Feb 20, 2017


Considering getting storm windows? Correctly measuring is essential to ensuring your windows have a tight fit to block out drafts. Whether you're ordering exterior or interior windows, we will take you through the steps to measure for your new windows.

Exterior Windows

Storm window sizes are determined by measuring your existing window opening as shown below. Record smallest opening width A first and opening height B second. Round down to the nearest 1/8".measuring-exterior-storm-window.png

LARSON® Storm Windows can be installed Outside Mount or Inside Mount, or you can have the windows made to the exact tip-to-tip measurement desired.

Many kinds of windows can be installed Blindstop (inside mount) or Overlap (outside mount), or you can have the windows made to the exact tip-to-tip measurement desired.

Interior Windows

insider™ windows install on the inside of existing windows. They’re perfect for older and historic homes because they don’t change the look of your home. Since they’re attached from the inside, they will not weather, and can be easily removed for the summer months or for cleaning.

Interior storm windows are custom-built to ensure a tight fit. Sizes are determined by measuring your existing window opening. You'll need to do the following:how-to-measure-for-a-larson-insider-storm-window.png

  • Measure opening width at three locations (top, center, bottom)
  • Measure opening height at three locations (right, center, left)
  • Round the narrowest width and the shortest height down to the nearest 1/16" and provide these dimensions when ordering; window panel is downsized to fit opening given. 

It's that simple. Make sure to bring your recorded measurements with you to your local Larson Storm Window retailer.

NOTE: 1" inch depth is recommended for installation of the LARSON Insider Storm Window. For out-of-square openings, 1/8" tolerance.

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