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Home Trends to Watch For 2017 (According to Pinterest)

by Katie
| Jan 06, 2017

Pinterest has analyzed emerging home trends to watch for 2017, including these home decor styles to watch. From luxe marble walls to reclaimed wood accents, these styles are sure to make an impact in your home.

Get your home on-trend with these top home trends to watch for 2017.

Marble Walls

If you love the look of marble counter tops, you’ll fall even harder for the look of marble walls. The faux marble texture of this wallpaper will make any room feel luxurious.  The best part about these glamorous walls is that you don’t need to add additional décor—they create a statement all on their own.

2017_Home_Trends_Marble_Walls.jpgPhoto via Interiorzine


Navy Is The New Black

According to Pinterest, pins for navy home decor are up 80%. This home trend is sure to transform kitchens, living rooms, and make a huge impact on accent decor. We love the warm and inviting feeling of navy. It’s homey with sophistication, making it a popular color trend to watch. 2017_Home_Trends_Navy.jpgPhoto via Delvo Kitchens.

Balcony Gardens

Don’t let the amount of square footage in your home (or apartment) deter you from having a garden. With Pinterest searches up 118%, balcony gardens are a sure win for 2017.

2017_Home_Trends_Balcony_Garden.jpgPhoto Via Homesthetics

Reclaimed Wood Fireplaces

Rustic and cozy gets a whole new meaning with reclaimed wood fireplaces. Warm up any home and add character to your fireplace with this hot trend.

2017_Home_Trends_Reclaimed_Wood_Fireplace.pngPhoto via House and Home                       

Everything Copper

Move over gold, copper is about to take over homes. Available in a slew of products, this classic metal is a simple to incorporate into any home. From hardware to light fixtures and everything between—copper is a 2017 Pinterest win.

2017_Home_Trends_Copper.jpgPhoto via Loom Brand.

Take a note from Pinterest data and get your home on trend for 2017 with these five home decor ideas. Tell us what trend you love most and leave a comment below. 

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