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Door-tivities to Weather the Storm

by Katie
| Mar 25, 2020

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Working from home and keeping your children active and engaged while they are distance-learning or virtual-learning is a challenge many working families didn't have time to plan for. Working from home myself, I am dealing with the same struggle. Never fear, we're here to weather the storm with you. Here are a few storm door-tivities that use every day items around the house that your kids will love and maybe even learn from. 

1. Practice Spelling Words 

I vividly remember my third grade teacher bringing shaving cream to school on a bright Spring day, several decades ago. To the classroom's surprise, it had a dual-purpose - a fun way to practice spelling words and a means to clean the tops of our desks. I wanted to recreate that memory and magic for my own kids.

If you're stuck at home, why not use shaving cream as a fun way to keep spelling and grammar top-of-mind with your grade school aged children. A small amount of shaving cream goes a long way. I quickly learned I used way too much, so make sure you keep a watchful eye on your little ones before handing over a can of shaving cream! 

Untitled design (13)

Many bloggers claim layering on and then wiping off shaving cream prevents fog on glass. To be determined if I notice a difference, as I typically don't see fog on my storm door glass. 

A note on cleaning: It was very easy to remove the shaving cream. I used a damp hand towel and followed up with a paper towel. I was surprised how clean my storm door glass was afterwards, but if you're looking for the recommended way to clean your storm door, we've got you covered.  

2. Seasonal Window Clings

Seasonal window clings are inexpensive and reusable. You can find them at your hardware store or dollar store. I also found these in my seasonal holiday storage. The options are endless - there are hearts for Valentine's Day, four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day, snowflakes for winter, eggs for Easter, and the list goes on. 

Copy of Untitled Design (1)Use a combination of gel clings and static plastic clings, as both types work well. 

Your children will enjoy rearranging pieces and creating their own masterpiece.  

3. #AWorldofHearts

90766729_10163293974420068_157300557285949440_nA family in North Dakota started this movement in the wake of school closures to spread a little love in their neighborhood. It quickly became a trending activity worldwide. The purpose is to spread a little love in these uncertain times as people social distance and opt instead to walk or drive by. 

“Sharing love through hearts posted in your windows.” Simple. And in the midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the idea is also catchy. “By filing your windows with hearts your neighbors and those passing by will know we are in this together,"

If your children are of age to use scissors, have them cut out hearts in their favorite colors and tape them to your storm door glass. If your children are younger or prefer a different tactic, use auto glass paint to create your masterpiece. 

Snap a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #aworldofhearts.  

4. Paint on a Clear Canvas

We tested painting our storm door glass using washable tempra paint, that again was already on hand. The colors are super vibrant when light shines through the glass and the paint washes off easily with soap and water. As long as you're comfortable with your cuties using paint, the "stained glass" appearance is well worth the time and can be recreated several times. 


DIY stained glass windows and storm doors are also very popular this year. As Easter 2020 was spent much differently than year's past, a stained glass door brings joy to homeowners and neighbors passing by.

To tackle this project, use painter's tape or masking tape to section off your design; we've spotted hearts, crosses, characters and geometric shapes.  Paint each shape with the desired color. Let the paint dry and remove the tape. Enjoy!

Yellow and Blue Decorated Egg Funny Postcard

5. Trace

Tape an image or words on the outside of the door then tape a blank white sheet of paper on the inside of the door during daylight hours. You can easily trace the outside image on your blank sheet of paper.

6. Do the Math

Use dry erase markers to practice math problems with your children. You can even create giant math-minute board on your storm door pane. Providing a fun environment can make learning more exciting!

7. Have a Conversation

With social distancing a hot topic, a storm door offers a great barrier between you and the outside world. Whether you are receiving a package or food delivery, your storm door allows you to see and speak to the person on the other side of your door. 
I've also seen children in our neighborhood saying hello to each other through their storm door. 
If you are dropping off groceries for your elderly neighbors or loved ones, your storm door is also a barrier for those on the other side that may be in an at-risk demographic. 

8. Tic-Tac-Toe

It is understandable to feel alone and isolated right now. Family, home, and connection is more important than ever. I love the idea of playing tic-tac-toe with your grandchild, neighbor, or loved one on the other side of the storm door, and using the door as a barrier if needed. Again, the items needed to play are easily found around the house - painter's tape and dry erase markers. 

However you decide to make the most of your extra time at home, we hope your favorite view of the world is from the comfort and safety of your front door. 


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