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Secure Your Home Beautifully

| Dec 21, 2016

Protecting your home can be beautiful. The Larson SecurePRO™ doors provide massive curb appeal and peace of mind.

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An Organized New Year: 6 Organization Hacks

| Dec 19, 2016

Start off this New Year with an organized home with these six tips you need to stop the mess from piling up inside your door.

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5 DIY Energy Saving Hacks You Can Do This Weekend

| Dec 16, 2016

Saving energy and minimizing your carbon footprint is easier than you think. These five DIY home improvement projects will help cut down on your energy consumption and pay for themselves quickly in instant energy savings. The best part: all of these projects can quickly and easily be done in one weekend to make your home more energy efficient.

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The Truth About Rust on Your Door

| Dec 14, 2016

If you have an old and dated rusty storm door, we're here to give you the truth on rust.


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2 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

| Dec 12, 2016

New Year’s resolutions: the 1st of the year and you set yourself up for some lofty and some obtainable goals, but this year don’t forget about your home.

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5 Ways to Add a Pop of Red to Your Home Decor

| Dec 09, 2016

Trends are popping up all over, but the one home trend that isn't going anywhere is red home accents.

Adding a bold red doesn’t have to be scary. Check out these 5 ways to add a pop of red to your home.

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2017 Color Trends: Best Colors for your New Front Door

| Dec 07, 2016

The forecasts for 2017 color trends are in. And Pantone predicts the hues found in nature will feature heavily in 2017. The fresh greens of vegetation and the cheery yellows of sunshine invoke the outdoors. While the earthy tones of brown are associated with warmth and wholesomeness.

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3 Dog-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

| Dec 05, 2016

Dogs are the furriest (well, hopefully) members of the family and take up a special place in the heart. Their wet noses and wagging tails fill homes with love and laughter, so why not show them some home improvement love?

Thoughtful puppy preparations can give your fuzzy bundle of joy the promise of a comfortable home and make your dreams of the perfect family dog come true.

Making a cohesive pet and family living environment can be as simple as these 3 simple pet-friendly home improvement tips.

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3 Lessons I Learned Installing A Storm Door

| Dec 02, 2016

When I started working at Larson Manufacturing, part of my training was to install a storm door. Mind you that it was my first week and a desk job. My product knowledge was basically that I had a storm door on my house that I didn’t install.

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12 DIY Projects to Update Your Home in 2017

| Dec 01, 2016

Bring in the New Year with a on-trend home. This year, make your home feel new with these 12 easy weekend DIY projects that give any home an updated look for 2017.  A little home improvement with ensure you're keeping up the latest home trends.

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