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10 Reasons Why You Need A Storm Door

by Katie
| Mar 03, 2017

10 Reasons You Need A Storm Door.jpg

Wondering if a storm door is right for you? Trust me—it is! It may sound too simple that a storm door is right for everyone, but I really believe it’s true. Find out why you need to add a storm door to your home.

  1. Hello, Curb Appeal. A storm door that compliments or matches the trim on your front door or sidelights adds major curb appeal points. The matching tones create a completed look for any entry.
  2. An abundance of options. Seven storm door colors, numberous glass designs, and a variety of models to choose from gives you options to ensure you get the door that best matches your home and your lifestyle.
  3. Let in the light! Adding a storm door to gives you the option to keep your primary door open,so you can enjoy more natural light.
  4. Speaking of natural light...by enjoying the natural light, you can cut down on the use of your lights in your entry way, which can result in energy savings.10 Reasons You Need A Storm Door | The View.jpg
  5. The view. Full view storm doors let you enjoy the view outside. Whether it’s your kids playing outside or flowers in the front yard blooming, the view enhances daily life.
  6. The breeze! A fresh spring breeze brings new life into your home. The retractable Screen Away® design conveniently lets you enjoy fresh air whenever you want.
  7. Modern features. These aren’t the slamming screen doors your grandma once had. The latest designs have innovative features, like the hold-open closer, that are built to accommodate and enhance your daily life.
  8. Security options. Steel security door options can protect your home. The heavy duty steel frames add security and offer a variety of designs to still keep your home’s curb appeal.
  9. It’s an affordable renovation. Adding or updating your front door can make a huge difference in the look of your home’s entry…and it’s affordable in the world of home renovations.
  10. You can really do-it-yourself. Storm door installation is made simple for the DIY-er. Installation takes a few hours, but the process can be made easier with two people. The Larson Easy Hang Systemcomes with pre-drilled hinge locator holes and no cutting to take the guess work out of it.

Enough reasons to buy a storm door? Start browsing to find the door of your dreams.

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