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My Storm Door Life Journey

| Jul 10, 2017

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As an empty nester and long term employee with Larson Manufacturing, I just had to take a look back at my family’s journey with Larson Storm Doors. Throughout the years, our needs have evolved, our lives have changed and thankfully our storm doors have as well.

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I purchased our first home and a storm door on the back was one of our first DIY projects.  Our backyard served as our family’s playground.  The kids, ages 5 and 3, put that 10 Reasons You Need A Storm Door | The View.jpgentry to the test. In and out they would go as our dog, Dodger, followed. From the sandbox, to the swing set, to the kitchen and back again. When picking our storm door, the only requirement we had was that it must be self-closing; our attempt to keep out the bugs and preserve some of the escaping air conditioning.

As they grew older, the opening of the front entry door flooded the home with light beaming through the storm doorand exposed to the neighborhood our willingness to accept guests. Like smoke signals sent up to the sky, the storm door with a view into the home sent neighbor kids running over to our house to play.

Fast forward a few years, which seems like the blink of an eye, the “kids” became teens and young adults. I remember countless nights lying awake, waiting to hear that oh so familiar sound of the storm door opening and closing.  Purposefully, I loosened the handle of the door so it would jiggle a bit and pushed the bottom rubber seal down so it would scrape on the concrete as the door swung open. 

Today, the house is quieter and the storm door still stands guard. It now serves as our protector for both weather and security. I can’t imagine our house without one. I use it to flood the room with light, feel that gentle breeze and create a barrier between inside and out. Thanks, Larson for all you have brought to my life and home.

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