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The 4 Types of Storm Doors Dogs Will Love

| Apr 05, 2017

Dogs and storm doors are practically best friends. As pet lovers, we’ve come to find that there are four types of storm doors that dogs love.

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How To Switch Your Fullview Storm Door From Glass To A Full Screen Panel

| Apr 03, 2017

Spring is in the air and it is time to get your storm door ready for that fresh air. For fullview doors, that means switching the glass and the screen with a few simple steps.

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How to Train Your Dog to Use A Doggie Door

| Mar 31, 2017

We love pets and our storm doors with pet openings make it easy to let your pets come and go. Getting your dog to learn how to use the doggie door is another thing. We’re here to help with some basic training techniques to teach your dog to use the dog door.

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7 Simple Steps to Enhance Your Home Security

| Mar 29, 2017

Home security can be scary—especially considering the fact that burglaries occur every 15 seconds in the United States. Beefing up your home security doesn’t have to be overwhelming and intimidating. This seven-point checklist will help you cover the basics in enhancing your home security.

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4 Unexpected Places Where Security Windows Make Sense

| Mar 27, 2017

 When you think of security windows, bars on windows and high crime neighborhoods come to mind. But, there are so many other unexpected places where security storm windows make sense.

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Spring Inspired Wreaths We Love

| Mar 24, 2017

Welcome in spring at your front door. Add a seasonal welcoming to your door with these spring-inspired wreaths.

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3 Home Security Products You Should Know About

| Mar 22, 2017

Home security can seem overwhelming and to be honest, feel clunky. Rest at ease because we’ve found three security products that make enhancing your home security easy.

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4 Traditions Of Giving LARSON Manufacturing Honors Annually

| Mar 20, 2017

Sharing with our employees and our community is part of Larson Manufacturing’s culture. Commitment to our communities is supported at the highest levels of the company, but it runs deeper than a corporate initiative. It is the fabric of who we are.

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The 3 Appliances You Should Monitor To Lower Your Energy Bill

| Mar 17, 2017

Lowering your energy bill doesn't mean you'll have to sit in the dark. Monitoring these three appliances and taking a look at how you use them can help you save.

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What To Do If Your Storm Door Is Leaking

| Mar 15, 2017

Finding yourself concerned because your storm door is leaking? Don’t be. In many cases this is normal, but we’ll take you through a little troubleshooting to get your door back in action.

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