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Larson Spotlight

The Reason LARSON Storm Doors are #1

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Katie Grayson

Katie is a Digital Marketing Specialist for Larson Manufacturing. She is a veteran DIY-er and a Pinterest project enthusiast. She loves home decorating and design, often lends her sense of style to photo shoots. When she’s not building Pinterest projects, she’s spending her time camping and boating with her husband and her Saint Bernard, Beulah.
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What is Low-E glass & is it worth the cost?

| Jul 21, 2017

Improved energy efficiency is always a valued asset in any home … whether you are looking to tighten up your windows or your entryway. When you are adding a layer of protection, the question of low-e glass always comes up—what is it? How does it work? Is it worth it? 

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Your Larson Storm Door - How To Switch The Full Glass And Screen Panel

| Jun 07, 2017

Spring is in the air and it is time to get your storm door ready for that fresh air. For fullview doors, that means switching the glass and the screen with a few simple steps.

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How To Switch Your Fullview Storm Door From Glass To A Full Screen Panel

| Jun 03, 2017

Spring is in the air and it is time to get your storm door ready for that fresh air. For fullview doors, that means switching the glass and the screen with a few simple steps.

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The Real Reason Larson Storm Doors Are #1

| May 31, 2017

If you have been in the market for a storm door, it’s likely you have heard of the company that has been the leader in the industry for decades. So what’s behind Larson Storm Doors?

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Upgrade Your Home Into A Dog's Dream With These 7 DIY Projects

| May 22, 2017

Is Fido is your best friend? Looking to add some creative and functional dog-friendly elements to upgrade your home? Would you prefer that it’s doable in a weekend? Good news—you’re in the right place. We have 7 DIY projects to inspire you!

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10 Facts You Didn't Know About Larson Manufacturing

| May 17, 2017

Larson Manufacturing was founded 60 years ago. We’ve had a quiet history in the public’s eye throughout our years, but despite that, we have a lot of interesting things about us that you didn’t know.

Like did you know Larson Manufacturing was started by Oscar Larson when he was 62!?

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Say Hello The Newest & Most Innovative Larson Storm Door

| May 16, 2017

Say hello to the industry’s FIRST fullview storm door with a hidden closer and patent pending Click&Hold™ technology. The newest Larson Storm Door with a built-in closer may look like any other fullview storm door, but it’s not.  It’s the most innovative storm door we offer.

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Most Popular Questions About The Screen Away® Storm Doors

| May 15, 2017

Retractable Screen Away® Storm Doors are our most popular doors, so we get a lot of questions asked about them. Read on to see our most popular questions and answers from our product specialists these Larson Storm Doors.

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Home Decorating Ideas That Will Leave You In Awe

| May 12, 2017

Tired of your home feeling a bit drab? You’re not alone. Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, try these home decorating ideas that will leave you (and your guests) in awe.

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Install Your Storm Door Like a Pro With These Helpful Tips

| May 10, 2017

Thinking about adding a storm door to your front entry? They provide many benefits, in addition to the beauty they bring to the exterior and interior of your home. A storm door helps to protect your front door, extending its longevity while keeping unwanted bugs out and letting the sunshine in. Homeowners with storm doors also enjoy added security and energy efficiency in their homes. But is installing a storm door something that can be done by the average homeowner?

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